Fight Nice

by Fight Nice

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Fight Nice, the band, is the three-piece project of Dean Dunakin, Brian Lerch, and Tim Wanish from Chicago. These avid devotees of music have opened up their recording work together with this assemblage of songs, and they offer you the headphones.

What constitutes an album these days? "Fight Nice," the album, suggests that it’s twelve original tunes, arranged by the band, recorded and mixed for maximum sonic impact on your sound system, held together by a designated piece of cover art. Nobody seems to know for sure if music even needs to be applied to a physical medium at all, but "Fight Nice," the album, will fit into your collection one way or another. For their first foray into the studio, the group cleans up and bolsters their sound. The songs are given more room to stretch out here, as compared to playing them in a minimalist way live on-stage while working them up.

Fight Nice plays raucously under-control late college or alternative rock music with melodic hooks, and a decisive rhythm section. There has to be a first for everything, and Fight Nice has a passion for writing, playing, and recording music that will be manifest again on future works. As for this initial batch of songcraft... Fight Nice, the band stacks up their best riffs and tunes, and forgets to pack the filler.


released May 1, 2013

Tim Wanish: Vocals, Guitars
Brian Lerch: Drums
Dean Dunakin: Bass, Vocals
written, engineered, produced by Wanish/Lerch/Dunakin
mixed and mastered by Dunakin
released by Zen Dozer, ZD014




Fight Nice Chicago, Illinois

Influenced by earlier alternative bands, and a broad range of musical styles, Fight Nice’s sound harkens back to the heyday of what was then called college rock, with subtly intellectual lyrics, solid-state distortion, a variety of blues- and rock-based song styles, and DIY production that is a labor of love. ... more

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Track Name: Leavin'
leavin’ — leavin’ on your own
leave it — leave it all alone
but even — even as you’re going
believin’ — believin’ all you’ve known

and I knew
the things that never were
would come true
like they did before

and I’m swearing off all love
Track Name: Abbotsford
I don’t want to be close to you
Cuz I don’t want to react
You’ve got some kind of energy
And that’s what’s pushing me back

I try so hard not to hate things
I know it’s wrong to be rude
If we could just find common ground
It could be travel or food

I know you say you’re just passing through
But I think you should care
You run away while I will stay
You’re always halfway home from somewhere

So if you’re going to Abbotsford
Where there’s an ice cream cone
Take a picture for old time’s sake
Then leave me alone.
Track Name: If There's A Love Here
If there’s a love here / And if that’s right
If there’s a love / Stay with me tonight
My hands are shaking/My jaw is tight
I’m all tensed up because I fear the height

You’ve got to come back down when you’ve gone for it all
Because you can’t hang on when it’s time to fall
You’ve got to let it go Can’t hang on the wing
Don’t be dragging along, You’ll ruin everything
So I ask you now why go up anyway?
If you’re not about to make it today?
And I’m not one to jump into things
And tell me where’s the fun that falling brings?
Track Name: Don't Make Me Show You
When I can't stand up
I wanna get down
On my knees and pray
That I don't never go there again
No no never go
I said it

I get moody, I get moody, lord I get moody
Don't make me show you

Driving on here
On the edge
Coming in faster
To a head
I'm never gonnna stop here again
No no never gonna
Forget it

I get moody, I get moody, lord I get moody
Don't make me show you
Track Name: Surrounded

We've gone through all the awkward phases
Slaved our way for meager wages
Made it through so many stages
Start ripping out those useless pages

We've had enough self-medication
Headache central reservation
It took all of your dedication
To stop this self-made situation

Why worry now
Why hurry now
You're surrounded...

You've longed for all the latest crazes
Searched the crowd for friendly faces
Known it on a first-name basis
And lost yourself in all the mazes

Took a part in all the action
Tried to move up without traction
Feeling less than just a fraction
All just for the satisfaction?

Why worry now
Why hurry now
You're surrounded...

When the clocks start circling
You hear the tick tock thundering
Cornered by time, can't run today
How you gonna get up... to push it away?
Track Name: The Reason
I don't wanna know what's down there in your soul
Because you said you don't believe in me no more.
I just got to go cuz I can't stay in this role
And then you said you don't believe in me no more.

And when you said you had a real good reason
I just don't think that I care.
I've been trying to live a life with meaning
And you said it's unfit to wear.

So there, is the reason. So there, is your reason.
Track Name: It Might Be So True
You'll remember hearts corrode
Long after you've soaked in your own spite Ready to explode
But I never hit the road
Believin' for no reason it's alright -- and Wind up gettin' towed

They say everything is all a part of learning
These things, what they bring, they might be returning
Got down on the ground, swore my love for you
You've heard every word, It might be so TRUE

Don't you ever feel alone?
Everybody seems to be just right, knowing where they're going
If you're clever, to the bone
Take another step in your own time, speeding up or slowing

What you're saying's what we're talking about
It's just pointless and there isn't a doubt
Confounded notions but we're talking it out
A couple more drinks and we'll iron out the kinks...
Track Name: Stuck It In Your Eye
Makes No Difference to me
If I’m not quite what I seem
I’ve been trying just to be
A bit player in my dreams

And if you look right in/And if you take a spin
And if you look real close/It’s right in front of your nose

How much clearer can it be?
If it’s there for you to see?
Line them up and they’ll agree
It’s been paid for and you’re free

To take a look right in/To take it for a spin
And if you look real close/It’s right in front of your nose

They stuck it in your eye (x3) Take a look

Cuz I’m not saying that I found my way in
And I’m not part of what you’ve started
And I’ve been told that it gets old
Until you’re left with just a bust up crust of what it was

All the clouds are wiped away
And the colors fill the grey
Now to see what’s been concealed
Is a mystery revealed
Track Name: Fake Smiles and Dishes Breaking
Fake Smiles and Dishes Breaking
No need for metaphor,
In fear and always faking
You’re never real no more.
It’s in the face you’re making
I’ve seen that look before,
Not worth the chance I’m taking-
In case you’re keeping score.

Look at the situation
And what it makes us do
Should we become impatient?
Or wait to see it through?
Not of our own creation
But still we must be true,
Don’t lead me on with faces-
Just give me something new.

(Thank you for not believing in me)
Track Name: Up In The Air
We will run over the earth
Stuck to the ground for a while, oh my.
Who will fly up in the air?
Burn a hole in the sky
There’s no one there.

But you and me we’re only
Stuck in the crowd for a while
Tapped out and broke down
Couldn’t shoot the gap for an angle.

You’ve got to bring it back
On down to me
The taste of life on the rocks
Smashed, free.
Hoping to survive disastrophe.
Avert a crisis for someone
If it’s not me.

But you and me we’ve only
Staked out a claim for a while
Topped off and blacked out
Could use a lap for a head start.
Track Name: I Guess I Thought I Was Lonely
There’s nothin new about this one
And I know you’ve been there
I wondered what I was missing
Reaching out into air

I Guess I Thought I Was Lonely
One short of what I need to be.
I Guess I Thought I Was Lonely
Two times more than half of me.

It’s not too short of disaster
And how I sense what I’ve lost
But I only go faster
When I add up the cost

I Guess I Thought I Was Lonely
One short of what I need to be.
I Guess I Thought I Was Lonely
Two times more than half of me.

I’ll stop believing that you’re trying to get even
If you never mention that you did it for attention
Just keep on pouring cuz I want to get some more in
But don’t ever question bout the power of suggestion

I’m not afraid of all the things that you are made of
And I’m never certain I want a look behind the curtain
You’ve got a motive for just how it is that you live
And I’m nobody’s fool… except for you.
Track Name: Laugh At Death
Wait just a minute while I catch my breath
I’m alive, with every motion I can laugh at death
Know why, I shed the clothes that never make the man
I’ll try to make this something, and I know I can

Meet me at the playground
And make sure you bring your love
You’re the only one I’m thinking of.

What isn’t finished isn’t started yet
And the things that make your future haven’t found you (yeah)
So I will just be silent as your busy friend
And my only intention is to help you mend.

Meet me at the playhouse
And make sure you bring your love
You’re the only one I’m thinking of.